Staffordshire Catholic History

No 1.  July 1961
Sources of Post Reformation Catholic History   M Greenslade
Stafford Benedictine Monks  Frank Roberts
17th Century Nuns of Louvain, Antwep & Lierre from Staffordshire families   Sr Mary Catherine
Strange News from Staffordshire   Mortimer C Loftus
The Building of a Public Masshouse in Wolverhampton 1723-1734   Marie Rowlands
The Early History of Sedgley Park  Frank Roberts
Staffordshire Parish Archives – 1.  St John the Baptist, Great Haywood   Ruth M Kidson

No 2  Spring 1962
Staffordshire Priest Holes   Micheal Hodgetts
Andrew Bromwich  Francis Grady
The Association of the Staffordshire Clergy 1686  Micheal Greenslade
Bishop Leyburn at Stafford and Wolverhampton   Michael Greenslade
An Inventory of the Chapel at St Thomas’s   Marie Rowlands
Staffordshire Parish Archives – 2.  SS Peter & Paul, North Street, Wolverhampton   Marie Rowlands

No 3   Spring 1963
The Society of Jesus in Staffordshire   Frank Roberts
Sister Ursula Stafford   Sr. Mary Catherine
The Iron Age of Double Texas   Marie Rowlands
Edward Ewall, a note   Marie Rowlands

No 4  Autumn 1963
Committee Report on Work to be Undertaken
The 1607 Return of Staffordshire Catholics   Marie Rowlands
Ashley 1   Josephine Bailey
The Last Journey of Blessed Dominic Barberi    Sr. Mary Barbara OP

No 5  Autumn 1964
A list of Staffordshire Recusants 1641   Ann J Kettle
Ashley 2   Josephine Bailey

No 6  Summer 1965
Staffordshire Papists in 1767 1 (Abbots Bromley-Leigh)   Marie Rowlands

No 7   Autumn 1965
Staffordshire Papists in 1767 2  (Lichfield-Yoxall)   Marie Rowlands

No 8 Winter 1966/7
The Royal Hiding Places at Boscobel and Moseley   Michael Hodgetts
Wards and Proteges:  Thomas Clifford’s Interest in Catholic Education   Patrick J Doyle
Staffordshire Catholics in the 1851 Religious Census   Michael Greenslade

No 9   Winter 1967/8
Swynnerton   Brigadier T B Trappes-Lomax

No 10   Summer 1968
Mother Margaret Hallahan in Staffordshire   Srs. Mary Cecilly & Mary Barbara OP

No 11  Spring 1970
The Boy of Bilson (photolithographic reprint of the pamphlet in the William Salt Library)

No 12   1972
Venerable William Southerne   Ann M C Forster
A 17th Century Piety Stall   D A Johnson
The Confirmation Register of 1768-93 of Thomas Talbot, Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District   Frank Roberts
Catholics of the Cisalpine School: Thomas Giffard 1764-1823 and William Giffard 1789-1861   Patrick J Doyle

No 13  1973
Staffordshire Papists in 1705 and 1706    Michael Greenslade

No 14  1974
Catholic Chapels in Staffordshire from the Catholic Magazine and Review Vol v 1834 and Vol vi 1835

No 15  1974
Yieldfields Hall 1701 and West Bromwich 1977: 2 Black Country documents
Michael Greenslade
The Converts of Laurence Loraine   Justin McLoughlin OFM
Catholic Registers of the Chillington Area 1771-95   Marie Rowlands
A Proposed Confirmation Route   J D McEvilly
An Irish Franciscan at Colwich Staffordshire   Bartholomew Egan OFM

No 16  1976
A Matter of Purgatory   D A Johnson
St Giles’ Cheadle: its Priests 1827-1874   J Connelly
Anti-Catholicism and the Priesthood in the 19th Century Black Country   Richard H Trainor

No 17  1977
The 1767 Return of Staffordshire Papists    Michael Greenslade

No 18  1978
Sequestrations for Recusancy in Staffordshire 1640   T S Smith
The Considerable Papists of Staffordshire in 1680   Michael Greenslade
The Catholic Ascendancy in the Midlands 1685-88   J A Hilton
Passionist Missions and Retreats in Staffordshire 1842-50   Declan O’Sullivan CP
The Very Rev. George Morgan, DD   F C Husenbeth with notes by F G Roberts

No 19  1980
The Whitgreaves of Moseley   A H Chatwin
Robert, William and Henry Richmond   FC Husenbath with  notes by F G Roberts
Elizabeth Prout, Foundress of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion    Sr Dominic Savio CP

No 20  1981
Historical Sketches of Missions from The Official Catholic Directory of the Province of Birmingham
Staffordshire and the French Exiled Clergy   Dominic Bellenger
Thomas Richmond and Codsall House School   Ann J Kettle

No 21  1982
Staffordshire ‘No Popery’ 1850-1    Michael Greenslade

No 22  1984
Frank Roberts and the Staffordshire Catholic History Society (A memorial tribute)
Michael Greenslade
Staffordshire Recusants in 1635   Jane Hampartumian
The Mausoleum at Aston Hall near Stone  J A May
Ecclesiastic Buildings in Staffordshire by AWN Pugin   Simon Bliss

No 23  1988
Blessed Robert Sutton   Francis Grady & A W Neal
Staffordshire Recusants in the 1660s   Jane Hampartumian
The English Seminary, Bruges, and some Staffordshire Clergy   Stewart Foster
Finishing Frank (Comments on completing Frank Roberts’ work, “A Histroy of Sedgley Park and Cotton College”)    Neil Henshaw
Croxden Revived    Ethelreda Hales

No 24   1990
A list of Staffordshire Recusants 1678-80   Dudley Fowkes and Michael Greenslade
St Joseph’s, Chasetown, in 1891   Michael Greenslade
Sr. Mary Barbara Pierce OP (A memorial tribute)    John May

Note:  in 1991 the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Societies merged and became the Midlands Catholic History Society and the journal was published under that name.