Midland Catholic History

Midland Catholic History is the journal of the Midland Catholic History Society.    The articles in each Number are listed below.    Indexes for Volumes 1 – 10 can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

1991 NUMBER 1
An Editorial note on the amalgamation

Historical sketches of Worcestershire Missions
Catholics in the Diocese of Worcester, 1580-1 – C D Gilbert
Recusant Contributors to the Worcester Cathedral Organ, 1613 – Michael Hodgetts
Some Staffordshire Papists, 1734 – M W Greenslade
Rev. John Kirk, DD – F C Husenbeth
De Angelis on the Barrel Organ, 1819 – Michael Hodgetts
Regional Religion – Ann J Kettle

1992 NUMBER 2
Historical Sketches of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Missions
William Hodgetts of Woodsetton 1570-1649 – C D Gilbert
Thomas Habington after the Gunpowder Plot – C D Gilbert
Mrs Packington and a Shakespearian Emblem, 1607 – Michael Hodgetts

1994 NUMBER 3
Thomas Belson’s ‘Complaint’ – Michael Hodgetts
John Halsey, Recusant Physician – C D Gilbert
Shropshire Recusants in 1635 – Malcolm Wanklyn
Some Staffordshire Papists of 1693- M W Greenslade
The Jesuit Estate in Worcestershire in the Early Eighteenth Century – T G Holt, SJ
‘Wharton’s Ghost’ (1785) – Michael Hodgetts
Catholic Chapels in 1791: Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.
Worcestershire Recusant; Index to Titles of Articles – Vincent Burke

1995 NUMBER 4
Origins of Recusancy : the Pakingtons, 1530-80 – Michael Hodgetts
‘The Several Parishes which I did help’: the mission at Linley, Shropshire 1693-1734 – Marie Rowlands
Worcestershire Nonjurors in 1715 – W E English
Staffordshire Catholic History: Index to Titles of Articles – J A May

1996 NUMBER 5
Lord Harvington, 1907-1997 – Michael Hodgetts
The Midland Catholic History Society – Notes on the merger
The 1767 Return of Papists in the Archdeaconry of Coventry – Sylvia Watts
Rt Revd Dr Walsh – F C Husenbeth
The Churches at Aston and Stone: Monuments to Blessed Dominic Barberi and Father Ignatius Spencer, CP – Sister Dominic Savio (Hamer), CP

1998 NUMBER 6
Recusant Epitaphs in the Midlands – Lesley J Bird
The 1767 Return of Papists in the Archdeaconry of Derby – Sylvia Watts
Worcestershire Oath Takers in 1791-3 – Rhoda Murray

2000 NUMBER 7
The Relics of Saint Chad – John Sharp
Returns of Papists for the Hundred of Kineton, Warwickshire, 1744, and the City of Coventry 1744 and 1745 – <i>Sylvia M. Pinches
The 1767 Return of Papists in the Archdeaconry of Salop – Sylvia Watts
Bishop Milner’s Shortage of Priests 1803-26 – Geoffrey Holt S.J
Campion in Staffordshire and Derbyshire 1581 – Michael Hodgetts

2001 NUMBER 8
Historical Sketches of Shropshire Missions – from the Official Catholic Directory of the Province of Birmingham (1913-16)
Bridget Pakington (1572-1606) – C.D. Gilbert
The Traditional Site of Bl. John Wall’s Grave – H.R. Hodgkinson
The Golden Ball Chapel at Kingscliffe, Northamptonshire – Peter Waszak
Burials at Tixall: a Catholic-Anglican Dispute 1832-3 – Anne Andrews

2002-2003 NUMBER 9
The Right Revd. Mgr James Dunlop Crichton DSL, 18 June 1907-2 September 2001 – Brian Doolan
The Catholic Underhills of Northycote Farm in Bushbury, Staffordshire – A.H. Chatwin
The Holtes of Aston Hall, Birmingham – Michael Hodgetts
Monsignor Benjamin Hulme: Discover of the Relics of Saint Chad – Barrie Raynor
The Ilsley Vestments – Brian Doolan
The Clergy Vault in St Chad’s Cathedral Crypt: Report by the Cathedral Dean, the Revd. Brian Doolan

2004 NUMBER 10
Rushock Court, 1595 – Michael Hodgetts
The 1737-1755 Register of the Mission at Wingerworth, Derbyshire – Richard H. Turner
Devotion, Confraternity and the Social Dimension in Victorian Walsall – J.W. Clarke
St Chad’s Cathedral in the Twentieth Century – Brian Doolan
The Hardman Vault in St Chad’s Cathedral Crypt: Report by the Cathedral Dean, the Rev. Brian Doolan

2005 NUMBER 11
Kidderminster and the Gunpowder Plot – C.D. Gilbert
The Chimney Hide at Mapledurham – Michael Hodgetts
Staffordshire and Catholic Emancipation 1829 – M.W. Greenslade
Midland Catholic History: Index to Contents of Articles, Nos. 1-10 – Vincent Burke

2006 NUMBER 12 (Gunpowder Plot Number)
Preface – Michael Hodgetts
Whose Plot was it? – J.J. Scarisbrick
The Plot in Warwickshire and Worcestershire – Michael Hodgetts
Paying for the Sins of our Forefathers: Catholic Loyalism in the Midlands in the Great Civil War – Malcolm Wanklyn

2006 NUMBER 13
Michael Washington Greenslade (1929-2005) – Michael Hodgetts
Eilzabethan Recusancy in Hanley Castle, Worcestershire: I: the Gentry – Dianne Jennings Walker
Humphrey Pakington’s Monument at Chaddesley Corbett – C.D. Gilbert
An English Spring; Newman’s Anglo-Saxonism – J.A. Hilton
French Influence in 19th Century Catholic Worcester – Brian Doolan
St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham: The Internal Decoration – Brian Doolan

2007 NUMBER 14
Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville (1929-2007)
Elizabethan Recusancy in Hanley Castle, Worcestershire: II: The Common Folk – Dianne Jennings Walker
The Search at Hindlip, 1606 – C.D. Gilbert
The English, the Irish and the Catholic Church in Stafford, 1815-1923 – John Herson

2008 NUMBER 15
Itinerant Priests in Oxfordshire, 1592 – Michael Hodgetts
Thomas Habington’s Eldest Daughter – C.D. Gilbert
English Benedictines Nuns of the Midland District – Catherine Wyborne, O.S.B.
‘Bowyers Folly’: The Formative Years of the Abingdon Mission, 1854-65 – John Dunleavy
The Embroidery of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus at Southam – Gillian Grute
Our Lady of the Assumption, Maryvale, 1957-2007 – James Ranahan

2009 NUMBER 16
Paynsley Hall, Staffordshire – John May
Worcester Conformity Certificates, 1614-27 – Michael Hodgetts
Popish Recusants in Staffordshire, 1632-34 – Malcolm Wanklyn
The Singing Joneses – Peter Phillips
Roman Catholic Elementary Education in Nineteenth Century Birmingham – Margaret Worsley
A Family Recorded in Glass: The Windows of Margaret Rope in Shrewsbury Cathedral – Peter Phillips

2010 NUMBER 17
Recusant Liturgy, 1559-1791 – Michael Hodgetts
Returns of Papists, Diocese of Lichfield, 1780 – John Clarke
Wednesbury to Brazil: The Ill-Fated Vision of George Montgomery – John Sharp
A Nineteenth Century Convent in Kidderminster – C.D. Gilbert
Review: Francis Edwards, The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, 1605: The Third Solution

2011 NUMBER 18
Catholic/Protestant: A Survey of Wills in Worcester Diocese, 1530-1570 – E. Noel Staines
Greys Court , Oxfordshire – Michael Hodgetts
Church Bells of the Archdiocese of Birmingham – Helen Harwood
The Death of Samuel Smallman – C.D. Gilbert

2012 NUMBER 19
Thomas Strange and the Powder Plot – Michael Hodgetts
Banbury Catholics and the Jubilee of 1887 – John Dunleavy
Edward Ilsley and the Establishment of the Archdiocese of Birmingham – John Sharp
‘Barsford Bridge’, 1584 – Michael Hodgetts

2013 NUMBER 20
The Stone Priory Seal – Steve Booth
Thomas Habington’s Memoir of George, Ninth Earl of Shrewsbury – C.D. Gilbert
Francis Martyn (1782-1838) and St Mary’s the Mount – Michael Hodgetts
The Architecture of the Second Spring – Brian Doolan

2014 NUMBER 21
The Cheswardine Breviary – Hilary Spencer-Caple
An English Alabaster at Worcester – Anthony de Vere
Recusant Skeletons at Eynsham – Anthony de Vere
Catholic Conspirators in Elizabethan Worcestershire – Vincent Burke
Midland Recusant Altars – Michael Hodgetts
Index to Contents of Articles, Nos. 11-20

2015 NUMBER 22
Medieval and Recusant Chalices and Patens – Anthony de Vere
Blessed Humphrey Middlemore – Stephen Goldrick
Lyford Grange, 1581-1681 – Michael Hodgetts
Princethorpe Priory and College – Nicholas Baker
Clara Fey, 1815-2015 – Gillian Grute
The Jesuits in Sutton Coldfield: A Note – Michael Hodgetts

2016 NUMBER 23
The Proportion of Catholics in the Warwickshire Upper Gentry, 1547-1690 – Judith J.Hurwich
Young Belgians among the Dreaming Spires,1914-18 – John Dunleavy
Hides and Hinges: Boscobel and Harvington – Michael Hodgetts

2017 NUMBER 24
Sir Edward Blount of Kidderminster, 1554-1630 – C.D. Gilbert
The Simeons of Britwell House, Oxfordshire, and Aston-by-Stone, Staffordshire – Michael Hodgetts
Pinpointing Catholics in Eighteenth Century Warwickshire – Ruth Barbour

2018 NUMBER 25
Thomas Throckmorton (1534-1615) – John Tobias
Charles II in Warwickshire, 10 September 1651 – Michael Hodgetts
The Arrival of the Passionists in England, 1840-1848 – Ben Lodge, C.P.
Father Faber (1814-63) – Ignatius Harrison, C.O.
Henry Matthews, Lord Llandaff (1826-1913) – Roger Ward
St Michael and St James, Haunton – Anthony Mason

2019 NUMBER 26
Worcester Cathedral at the Reformation – Joseph Moran
The Turbulent Lifetime of Thomas Vachell: from Henry VIII to James I – Tony Hadland
Henry Garnet’s Pilgrimage to Holywell, 1605 – Michael Hodgetts
Priests at Tixall, 1749-97 – Annette Bloor

2020 NUMBER 27

Leonard Smallpiece and the Gunpowder Plot – C.D. Gilbert
Somerton, Tusmore and the Fermors – Timothy Guile
The Layout of Elizabethan Recusant Houses – Michael Hodgetts
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